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Find information

Building a tango collection
Building a collection: advice for newbies, DJs and collectors alike, by Michael Lavocah
Guide to Orchestras by Dan Boccia
Guides to Tango Music for Social Dancing, by Stephen and Susan Brown
Tangoplaylist.com by Anton Sukhanov
Tango music 101, a one-page basic intro, with starter album recommendations, and a 60-CD must- have list for beginning DJs, by Tine Herreman

DJing for tango dancers
The DJ's role, by Stephen Brown
DJs about DJing
Veronika's advice

Tanda picks
Stephen Brown's Annotated List of Tandas

Neotango and non-tango for tango
Sharna's DJ List of Neo Tangos 
Jackie Wong's neo picks
Veronika's resource
review of electrotango CDs

Discographic information
Discographies at tangodj.org
Juan D'Arienzo discography by Johan
Astor Piazzolla discography
A beginners guide to tango record labels

CD databases

Artist/ Musician/ Orquesta information

Tango lyrics
Gardel server (searchable)

Links to more links
Tejastango Links

Find stuff
Get Music Get Technology

CD or record stores
Zivals (tangostore.com) in Buenos Aires
El Bandoneon in Barcelona Spain
milonga.co.uk in United Kingdom
Tango Nada Mas in Chicago
ToTango in Montreal Canada
The Tango Catalogue in Massachusetts
Danza y Movimiento in Germany
Club de Tango in Buenos Aires (no credit cards)
Buenos Aires Tango Club in Buenos Aires (no credit cards)

mp3 download sources
emusic.com suggested by Lars from Norway

Software for DJs
Wikipedia comparison tables of Media Players (features, platforms, formats, etc)
mp3cut, freeware for recording, editing mp3s without decoding an re-encoding
Lame encoder v3.96.1 (freeware) 

Portable sound
Dan Boccia's recommendations for sound systems
Fender Passport

Find other DJs   

Discussion forums
Tango DJ discussion forum  150+ DJs and collectors from all over the world. Collaborative, friendly. We're there for the information, not the opinions. Membership must be approved. DJ's/collectors only, beginners welcome.

DJ webpages
listing on Tangopulse


Listen, read, enjoy

Online tango clips and radio stations
La 2x4 La Radio de Tango de Buenos Aires (by GobBsAs)
Radio Cubik Network
Tunez - Tango Radio
Radio Buenos Aires, listen to neotango, go to this link and look up Radio Buenos Aires

Essays, articles, stories
Tango styles table
DJs about DJing

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by Tine Herreman, DJ @ tangomuse. com